The Oregon Department of Justice has issued a statement warning of a new scam that uses fake DOJ documents to try and steal your identity and money.

One person already has had their life savings stolen from the scam and authorities were just alerted a few days ago. The scammers are trying to make you believe that you have had your identity stolen, when you actually haven't yet.

The documents they send look very official and have the right layout to fool people that they are really from the Oregon Department of Justice. First they contact you with a phone call from a person pretending to be an agent of the DOJ. They try and convince you that your identity has been stolen and that they are trying to steal money from your bank account, according to reports.

The fake agent then tells you to transfer all the money in your account into a protected account number that they give you. The account they give you is really a fake overseas account where they can just take your money. They are also using documents that look official from the department.

To protect yourself, just hang up the phone and then contact your local police department to report it.

credit Oregon Department of Justice
credit Oregon Department of Justice

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