It's been a few weeks since the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas shooting and we are still reeling from this horrific act of violence against a country music concert crowd. The toll has been awful -- more than 50 dead and hundreds more injured.

I have a friend, Melissa, who attended the country concert and luckily made it out alive, but I can't imagine the PTSD that she experiences day in and day out these days.

I worked with Melissa in Bakersfield and I remember her being fun-loving and adventurous, I know she never expected that anything of this magnitude could happen to her.

Thankfully, she has reached out for help.

It's hard for us who haven't experienced such a trauma to truly grasp how scary those moments must've been in Las Vegas.

Melissa is now sharing her experience and talking about how she's trying to cope with the after-effects of the shooting.

It's a good reminder that your mental health after any trauma is vitally important to look after and that you're not alone in the healing process.

If you have suffered a great tragedy in your life, help is always out there for you.


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