When it comes to breakfast, will you and McDonald's be lovin' it, all over again?

Mickey D's plans to introduce new breakfast items for the first time in roughly 15 years, though no details were given during the company's third-quarter earnings call about what the menu additions would be or when they'd be introduced.

However, according to a Business Insider report citing internal documents, the updated breakfast menu will include three new meatier breakfast sandwiches. The "Triple Breakfast Stacks," set to be served up for a limited time in November, are essentially beefed up versions of the McMuffin, McGriddle and biscuit with three times the meat – two sausage patties in addition to bacon – according to the report.

"Breakfast remains an opportunity," CEO Steve Easterbrook said. McDonald's longtime dominance on the breakfast market has been slowly eroding and being chipped away by competitors.

Easterbrook also mentioned plans to launch a new meal deal that will include core menu offerings, so customers can get a "satisfying meal for an affordable price."

The golden archers do not have any details to share on what exactly the new breakfast options will be at this point in time. However, a few regional menu tests offer some hint as to what's coming down the pipe as earlier this year, McDonald's tested 160-calorie blueberry muffin toppers in the Baltimore area and McGriddles French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches in Minnesota.

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