A man is in custody after stabbing his friend 10 times because he was angry about failing a suicide attempt and high on meth. Both men were living in a boarded up house in Pasco, Aaron M. Scott (41) and Kelly J. Ragsdale according to news reports. Scott tried to commit suicide with a meth overdose but failed and them became angry and starting breaking things in the house. Ragsdale came home and the men started fighting. Scott claims he saw Ragsdale with a knife and then admits to grabbing one himself and stabbing Ragsdale multiple times. After Scott realized what he did, he got his friend water and called 911 and said his friend had been stabbed.

When police arrived, they found Ragsdale sitting in his underwear covered in blood and bleeding from 10 stab wounds. The rushed him to a local hospital to be treated and they found Scott inside the abandoned house. He allegedly admitted to stabbing his friend and said he regretted his actions and wanted to take it back. Scott is being held in the Franklin County Jail on $100,000 bail after pleading innocent to charges of first degree assault.

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