The Benton City Revitalization Organization has developed several new designs to bring the community together with a "look" that will attract visitors. One of the newest and neatest projects was unveiled Sunday, February 28.
The community is excited to share the sculpture and kiosk for the Uranus orbital marker. It is a beautiful sculpture along with an informational kiosk that was designed by one of my talented friends in Benton City, Windy Welch.
The Mayor of Benton City, Linda Lehman joined Diane Liest, the president of the revitalization project along with a crowd of very excited residents for the groundbreaking project.
The attraction is another reason to get out and enjoy this spectacular weather, considering it is located along the beautiful walking trail near 14th Street. Here is a link to the location (Click here for directions).
I have already made plans to take my lunch break this week and stroll the walking path to take in some science. When I am finished I also plan on stopping by the Chamber of Commerce to get my commemorative t-shirt to mark the occasion, in all honesty I just chuckled so much when I read the shirt that I decided I couldn't live without one! I mean who doesn't want a t-shirt that reads "Looking for Uranus, it's in Benton City." I just love this little town and the people!
For more information you can click the button below or you can visit the website at Benton City Chamber.