A group of women from Tri-Cities attended the New Kids on the Block Concert last weekend in Seattle after the concert the gals hit the town and  later were approached  by a woman and 2 men.... that's when the attack took place

Bree Nece pic

Here's the story as recounted from Bree Nece:

My sister and i had such an amazing night at the New Kids on the Block concert in Seattle. Unfortunately the night ended bad. This is the work of a " man". After leaving the concert we were walking toward our hotel room. We were approached by 2 men and a woman. It was ok at first. The woman began asking questions as if to befriend us. Then she asked where we were from. After answering, she said " Well i hope you didn't vote for Trump" when i admitted that i had, she then yelled, calling us racists.. The two men with her verbally attacked us as well. She physically approached me and a fight ensued. One of the 'men' was on top of me punching my face as my sister watched helplessly. As she tried to pull him off me, the other " man" punched her in the face. He stood up and kicked me in the face and ribs. Ive never in my life had so much rage in trying to protect my little sister. I then was the helpless one.. I CONCEAL and CARRY, but i didn't this night because concert arenas don't allow guns. The "man" came back for more, slammed me on the concrete and drug me by my hair across the sidewalk..There were 3 witnesses and the two " men" were takin to jail and released the next day, as officers indicated that they probably would be. We are waiting to hear from the DA to start the process of pressing charges. Although no one came to our aide, we are grateful that the three witnesses made statements. Without them, the men would've never been caught. This is a growing problem in our country with political differences that are causing violence perpetrated by our media. It has caused these fringe groups like "Antifa" and other extreme leftist groups to start preying on us. I stood up. I fought. And I did not back down. I voted for Trump. And I am damn proud of it!!! I will take these cowards to court even if it takes a lifetime.


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