It happens anywhere new schools are built, and now in Kennewick parents of elementary school parents need to be aware of this.

The Kennewick School District is holding four informational meetings to inform parents of their proposed boundary changes which will take effect in the Fall 2018 school year. Besides the four meetings, the three boundary proposals are posted on the KSD website. From these three, one will be chosen (based upon public input) and put into effect. The District plans to build two more new elementary schools, going into effect in Fall 2018 and beyond.

The meetings will take place at the following times, all are at 7pm:

  • October 3 Ridgeview Elementary
  • October 10 Cottonwood Elementary
  • October 12 Hawthorne Elementary
  • October 16th Lincoln Elementary

The following elementary schools are most affected: Ridgeview, Vista, Hawthorne, Sunset View, Cottonwood and Edison. Together, they make up virtually all of West Kennewick, including the fast-developing large areas we see houses going up in.

The District has the three proposals posted on their website, you can access them easily by clicking here.

Our family found out our youngest child, Harley, will be affected, going from one school to another. It appears, for example, a number of children who attend Cottonwood, will likely be going to the as yet unnamed new school, now known as "PS16." There will be numerous other changes, especially for lots of kids who lived near the edges of their current boundaries.

This is very important.  School officials have told us despite numerous efforts to inform parents and the public, every school year, the first day, they do get some students who show up at the 'wrong' school. Their parents didn't pay close attention, and did not know the boundaries had changed!  Don't be one of those parents!

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