I guess the paper he owns would know about it first.

The Washington Post has identified the Seattle Seahawks as the team Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would like to buy. The team is not currently up for sale, but "may be looking for new ownership" because their owner, Microsoft founder Paul Allen, died in 2018. The team could cost $2.3 billion. Some reports claim Bezos would pay cash because he is worth an estimated $110 billion. He could easily buy every NFL franchise with plenty left over. The NFL desperately wants him in their exclusive fraternity, but hold the phone. The Seahawks aren't for sale.

Jody Allen
Jody Allen

Jody Allen, Paul Allen's sister, may be very much behind the scenes carrying forward in her brother's role, a rare public appearance was when she raised the 12th Man flag before the game when her brother was inducted into the Seahawks Ring-of-Honor, but her steady-as-she-goes demeanor is serving the team and the fans very well.

Who do you think oversaw and executed the contract extensions of Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner? Who do you surmise offered her private jet to Jadeveon Clowney so he wouldn't miss his physical for a roster deadline when the Hawks traded for him? Or how about Tyler Lockett? After his leg injury, he stayed for a couple of extra days of rehab at Stanford Hospital before taking Jody's Jet back to Seattle.

The Seahawks are in very good hands, thank you very much, and for now, they're still not  for sale.

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