Jelly Roll and Dunkin Donuts are a match made in heaven with a sweet new collaboration just in time for National Donut Day on Friday (June 7). The country singer and the breakfast chain shared a promotional video on social media in preparation for the big day.

"You know everyone always asks me how I got the name Jelly Roll," he starts as he helps himself to a jelly-filled donut. "Believe it or not, the truth is, it's 'cause of these little guys right here."

"Y'all know growin up donuts were truly my kryptonite," he continues. "My mama used to tell me all the time that I was so sweet I could open up my own Dunkin'."

See Jelly Roll's New Dunkin' Donuts Ad

The "Halfway to Hell" singer then shares that his favorite thing to do with those delicious morsels is to dunk 'em. However, he stresses that you can't be over-ambitious, because no one wants a mushy donut.

He then takes viewers through a few of his favorite dunk styles. He's got a dunk that is dedicated to his wife Bunnie Xo, and one to his early Nashville days.

Jelly Roll also enjoys sharing a donut with his dog, Bussie the Bus Dog — who makes an adorable cameo in the video.

Jelly Roll Collabs With Dunkin' Donuts on Exclusive Merch Items

To really take this collaboration to the next level, Dunkin' has created a Jelly Roll-themed merchandise item. Fans can get their own pink hoodies with "Jelly" written across the chest in the iconic Dunkin' font. There are also several other Dunkin' items in their store.

Dunkin's pink hoodie with Jelly written across the front

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