These days dogs are not just pets — they're family, constant companions and, in some cases, co-workers. It's not uncommon to find pet friendly places around town where dog owners can bring their pups to enjoy coffee, a meal or just a cocktail. In fact, some people would rather spend their time with their pets than other humans.

And have you ever heard of a business that allows employees to bring their dogs to the office? They exist in the 21st century.

For country artists, bringing their pet to work with them is almost a given. With months spent on the road, it makes since to bring your family with you, and that often times includes the doggos.

In honor of National Take Your Dog to Work Day — which is celebrated each year on the Friday following Father's Day — we rounded up some of the best photos of country artists brining their dogs to work with them.

The holiday first stared in 1999 as a way to celebrate dogs, but also encourage dog lovers to adopt.

While many employees working a normal nine to five may have to beg their bosses to let their dogs tag along with them, our favorite country singers get to make their own rules. And it's not just tour buses that these furry friends are confined to. Sometimes they make an appearance on stage with their owners.

Talk about star status.

We also found some lucky dogs posing for various product campaigns, like Miller Lite, Tractor Supply and Blue Otter. Carrie Underwood's dog even found his way into the pages of her lifestyle and cookbook, Find Your Path. And who could forget when Luke Bryan brought his dog onto the American Idol set?

Keep scrolling to see some of your favorite country artists bringing their dogs to work with them.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Country Edition

Dogs are a man's best friend right? It's no wonder so many people are dog owners - including our favorite country artists. But what do you do when most of your year is spent out on the road?

Take your dog with you, of course.

For many country stars, leaving their pups behind is just not an option. Some have even included their dogs in their brand partnerships posing for brands like Miller Lite, Tractor Supply, Blue Otter, or - if you're Carrie Underwood - your own cookbook.

Keep scrolling to see your favorite singers bringing their dogs to work with them.

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