You can't be too unassuming when Jason Aldean or his wife Brittany call your phone. The two have been prank calling their friends, but rather than asking if the refrigerator is running, the pair have schemed up something else: One person wears noise-canceling headphones while the other feeds them responses.

It's all fun and games, but recently the couple called Lauren Alaina, who genuinely thought Brittany was having a stroke.

"Brittany, you're kinda scarin' me babe," Alaina tells her friend when the responses don't align with her questions.

"She's so mad at me," Brittany responds.

"Do I need to call Jason?" Alaina asks after a series of odd responses from her friend.

At this point, the country couple let Alaina in on the joke. After sharing some laughs about the call, it's clear the country singer is relieved to hear her friend is not experiencing a medical emergency.

"I'm in Texas and I thought 'I'm gonna have to fly home! She's called me, she needs me," she says.

It's not the first time the Aldeans have prank called a friend like this. Last time around, the tables were turned, with Jason wearing the headphones and Brittany feeding him replies. The pair decided to call Luke Bryan, who is the king of pranks.

In that prank, Aldean told Bryan he loved him and missed him on more than one occasion and also asked if the "Country Girl" singer wanted to go to Africa.

Bryan might have has that prank coming to him after pulling the fire alarm at Aldean's Nashville bar in November. He posted the video on social media, which showed him and Kane Brown pulling the prank on their buddy.

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