Over the week, Pasco PD was busy with a myriad of drunken drivers, teens pulling guns, and people driving on rims.

  Officers make a number of arrests.

In no particular order:

Officers were patrolling near 7th and Lewis when they spotted a suspect named Raquel. She was wanted on outstanding warrants for robbery and burglary. She tried to flee on a bicycle, but was quickly apprehended by Officers. Then, after speaking perfect English, she suddenly began speaking Spanish and claimed she didn't know English--which Officers say she's tried before. Didn't work, she's in the Franklin County jail.

Near Richardson Park, a father intervened when several teens began to harass his son, but then the teens pulled a firearm. The man called 911, and the suspects scattered but were located and arrested  2 males were arrested, and two pistols were found, they'd been tossed near the scene. Ammunition was also recovered. The teen was not hurt.

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PPD also had four DUI cases this week. One driver, spotted near 4th and Pearl, refused to pull over, and instead drove into the oncoming traffic lane. An officer used a pit maneuver on the westbound onramp to I-182 to stop the female driver. She was arrested. Finally, Another DUI driver was found passed out behind the wheel, likely under the effects of narcotics.

He fled from police, despite his tires being punctured and driving on his rims. However, that pursuit was curtailed due to public safety concerns.

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