Pasco voters have already passed, by a wide margin, raising the sales tax, 2/10th of one percent Sales and Use Tax to fund the aquatic center. Now it has a location.

  The new facility will be near Broodmoor

This week Pasco announced it had formed a new partnership to help the facility get going. According to the City, the new partnership is as follows:

  • "City of Pasco: Provides regulatory support and public infrastructure improvements that complement the Aquatic Center, enhancing overall accessibility and utility services in the area. 
  • Broadmoor Properties: Offers strategic land donations necessary for the development of the Aquatic Center, facilitating a crucial component of the project without additional public expenditure. 
  • Pasco Public Facilities District: Leads the project, overseeing the planning, funding, and construction phases, ensuring that the facility meets the community’s needs and expectations.."

 The successful passage of the necessary funding to build it follows a series of failed attempts 11 years ago to build a regional facility, but it was voted down, due to opposition from Kennewick, Richland, and Benton County voters.

A competition pool is slated to come later in Phase 2 of the project.

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Pasco passed the tax in 2022, and now June of 2025 is slated as the opening date.

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