Another round of layoffs have happened in the Moses Lake School District, in an effort to make up an estimated $20 million-dollar shortfall.

 The latest layoffs bring the totals fo 215

According to District officials and The Center Square, another 85 classified positions are being eliminated. The positions remain but are not going to be filled due to the layoffs. A classified employee is one that does not require certification or certain licenses (such as a teaching degree) to fill a position. However, they do require proof they can fulfill the duties of that job.

The MLSD levy failure in March led to a deep look at the books in the District, and officials learned due to accounting errors what was believed to be $13 million in funding was actually only $2 million.  Due to some decreased enrollments, the District also lost some additional funding (which was based on the number of students).

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The two rounds of layoffs, says The Center Square, will save the District about $17 million dollars. According to the MLSD and The Center Square:

"Additional reductions could include but are not limited to, extracurricular activities, technology upgrades, maintenance/custodial services, facility usage and career and college readiness programs. "

The School Board is voted at a recent meeting 4-0 in favor of a proposal for an inter-fund loan that would help them make the May payroll of $11 million. According to sources, the inter-fund loan would be up to $3 million dollars. The inter-fund loan came from capital project funding. An inter-fund loan is loaning funds to themselves, with plans and pledges to pay it back.

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