Not long ago, this dog was brought to Animal Rescue, and the West Richland PD issued an update on Cody.

   The dog will require amputation of one of his rear legs

According to the WRPD:

 "An X-Ray revealed severe injury. He will need his leg amputated. After discussion with the vet and X-Ray reveal, it appears this injury is old. Cody had no bleeding or open wounds upon impound. We are unsure if the pieces inside are due to a gunshot wound or gravel pieces from being struck by a vehicle."

WRPD reports, either way, an amputation is the only option, and now funds are being sought to cover the cost, which is estimated to be about $1,000.  If it costs less, the funding raised would be saved for the next animal medical issue by Animal Control. The x-ray in our story shows the severity of his damage.

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WRPD also said:

"Either way, Cody has been a very strong dog throughout this ordeal and has an incredible will to live. He is in need of donations for this procedure, it will total around $1,000.  Please call Dr. Menks at 509-438-4800 to help Cody out. He is a good dog that deserves a second chance. Huge thank you to the donator that funded his X-Rays."

Hopefully, the funding will be raised soon.

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