What Are The Most Popular Washington State Baby Names In 2024?

I was one of those babies given a unique name at birth and I don't think my name has been on the popular list since the 1900's.

Did Your Name Make The List Of The Most Popular Names From 1960-2023?

It makes me sound like I'm eighty years old and I was named after my great-grandfather.

It took me a lot of years to come to like my name because as a kid it was one of those names that was easy to make fun of.

I recently did get a compliment at the eye doctor's office when the receptionist said she liked my name because it was unique.


So a new Social Security drop-down menu allows you to see the most popular baby names from 1960 to 2023

SSA's chart shows the 100 most frequently given names for male and female births in 2023 in Washington.

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If you roll back to 1960, the most popular boy's name was David and the most popular girl's was Susan.

If you roll back to 1980, the most popular boy's name was Micheal and the most popular girl's was Jennifer.

If you roll back to 2000, the most popular boy's name was Jacob and the most popular girl's name for the time was Emily.

Times have changed and many names fluctuate in popularity and it's surprising to see some "older" names becoming popular again.


So what are the most popular baby names going into 2024?

It looks like two "O" names are at the top of the list - Oliver is the top boy name while Olivia is the most popular girl in Washington State.

It's fun to play with the drop-down menu so here is the link to see what year your name was most popular and hopefully you don't end up like me where your name hasn't made a list since 1900.

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