Can You Legally Live off the Grind in Washington State?

Have you ever thought about leaving it all behind and living off the grid? My son Logan and I have had this conversation before because he's frustrated with the rat race of daily living.

He and I talked about him "living off the grid". He's been wanting to find a piece of property in the hills and wants to live as basic as possible.

I, for one, think it'll be a little harder than that to live off the grid in Washington State but I wanted to check the regulations on it.

First off, the good news is that Washington State is one of those states where you can legally live off the grid but it's still not as easy as one might think.


4 Things To Think About If You Are Going To Live Off-The-Grid In Washington State

The one big consideration is zoning regulations. In Washington State, zoning laws vary by county and municipality, so it's crucial to research the specific regulations in your desired area.

Some areas may have restrictions on building structures without proper permits or living in non-traditional dwellings such as tiny homes or yurts.

I did see that you could join an off-the-grid community so that be one avenue to explore.

Your next big problem is access to utilities such as water and electricity. Water and electricity can be a challenge as some choose to rely on renewable energy sources such as solar panels. You can also find alternative solutions for water access through rainwater harvesting or wells.

Dispersed camping near Guanella Pass, Colorado.

It's essential to ensure that your off-grid setup complies with all health and safety regulations to avoid any legal issues down the line.

Another important consideration when living off the grid in Washington State is waste disposal. Composting toilets and greywater systems are common solutions for those living off the grid.

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In addition to zoning regulations and utilities, another factor to consider when living off the grid in Washington State is land use regulations. Some areas may restrict activities such as livestock raising or gardening, so it's essential to familiarize yourself with any restrictions that may apply to your property.

As my son and I started to break it down, yes, it's possible to live off the grid in Washington State but you'll have to do plenty of research and if you are up to the challenge, it might be an option for you but as my son discovered, living off the grid sounded great until he actually had to plan it out.

You can read more about off-the-grid living in Washington State here. 

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