Was The Famous Bigfoot Movie Filmed In The PNW A Hoax Or Real?

One of the most famous Bigfoot sightings in history has ties to Washington State


A Washington State Native Swears He Was Bigfoot, Filmmakers Deny His Involvement

Bigfoot is elusive in Washington State and his status as legendary can't be understated.

Thousands of people across the Pacific Northwest have scoured the woods of Washington State in hopes of getting a glimpse.

One famous movie filmed in Northern California is the Patterson-Gimlin film that spotted Bigfoot in the wild in 1967.

Some claim it's real and some claim it's a hoax but no matter what, the film is very famous and people continue to try and debunk it after all these years.

The whereabouts of the original film are unknown but copies of the film are in the public domain.

According to Wikipedia, the filmmakers were Roger Patterson (1933–1972) and Robert "Bob" Gimlin (born 1931). Patterson died of cancer in 1972 and "maintained right to the end that the creature on the film was real"

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Bob Gimlin still makes the rounds at various Bigfoot conventions and says he believes what he saw was real.

This is where Washington State specifically enters the controversy as Yakima Native Bob Heironimus back in 1998 swears he was the man inside the Bigfoot costume and that after 35-plus years, he wanted to come clean about the hoax.



What makes the story so interesting is that Bob Heironimus passed a polygraph test about his allegations of it being a hoax but the original filmmaker Roger Patterson also passed a polygraph stating it wasn't a hoax so you've got two different stories that don't line up.

It's quite interesting and worth the deep dive to find out more about Bob Heironimus and his ties to Washington State and the world-famous Bigfoot movie -

You can read more about Bob Heironimus and his Bigfoot story here.

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