3 Beloved Beaches Shut Down by Bacteria Outbreak in Washington State

Summer is here and even as people head to the rivers and beaches in Washington State, there does lurk danger, and three beaches have already been closed.

How Can I Track Algae Blooms And Closures In Washington State?

Recent water samples revealed a high concentration of bacteria, causing three Lake Washington beaches to close.

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In an article from KOMO News, three beloved beaches, Andrews Bay Beach in Seward Park, Enatai Beach, and Houghton Beach, have all closed due to bacteria.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department has advised swimmers, beach-goers, and their animals to stay away from these three Lake Washington beaches.

According to the Department of Ecology, this is what you are looking for in an Algae bloom:

  • The appearance of slimy scum, foam, or growing clumps on the water
  • Color can vary — blue-green, reddish-brown, pea soup green
  • Looks like a paint spill on the water

Additionally, be aware of these possible signs that you or your pet may have been exposed to a harmful algal bloom:

  • Skin rashes after being in the water
  • Sudden, unexplained sickness after drinking or playing in the water

The good news is that there are plenty of resources to ensure that you and your family are safe from toxic rivers and streams.

You can check out the Department of Ecology here and track which beaches and lakes currently have algae through the website nwtoxicalgae.org. 

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