Hunters here in the state of Washington, who shot game animals or game birds - may not leave them, recklessly wasted.

What does ‘recklessly wasted mean?’

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife gives us two definitions.

  1. When you, the hunter, allow any edible portion of any game bird, food fish, game fish, shellfish, or big game animal other than a mountain lion (cougar) to be rendered unfit for human consumption.
  2. When you, the hunter, fail to retrieve edible portions of such a game bird, food fish, game fish, shellfish, or big game animal other than a mountain lion (cougar) from the field.

"Waste" means to leave a wounded or killed animal without making any effort to retrieve and render it for consumption or use.

The CDC gives a stern warning for eating a particular animal

The CDC reported that a family of six in South Dakota ate black bear meat, and were infected with trichinellosis - or parasitic microscopic worms that infect your brain. These worms can cause fever, stomach pain, depression, swelling of the eyes, and more.

The CDC says that the most common way to contract this terrifying condition is by consuming wild game meat. In the case of the family in South Dakota, the animal they consumed was a black bear which is common here in Washington, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What if you froze the wild game meat?

Members of the family that ate the black bear meat said it was initially undercooked. 

The family also reported that the meat was frozen before cooking it. 

The CDC says that freezing wild game meat doesn’t eliminate trichinellosis. In some cases, trichinellosis is resistant to freezing temperatures.

Washington State Fall Black Bear Hunting Dates:

August 1 - November 15

American black bear, New Brunswick, Canada.
Brittany Crossman

Three areas in Washington prohibit Black Bear fall hunting:

  • Mill Creek Watershed (GMU 157)
  • Cedar River (GMU 490)
  • Loo-wit (GMU 522)

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