Do you drive an electric vehicle? Thinking about it? If you live in the state of Washington you might think the state is fully prepared for your new choice and is one of the top states in the nation for EV vehicles. But it's not.


In fact Washington State is considered the least EV-friendly state in the nation. According to EV Charger Reviews, Washington state is the worst state to own an EV. The worst ranking is despite the fact that Washington has the third highest number of EV vehicles registered in the nation. The top 5 best states to own an EV? Number one is Maine, followed by Colorado, Vermont, Oregon and Connecticut.

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California, despite being considered a leader in EV adoption is number six on the list by EV Charger Reviews. More Electric Vehicles are in the state of California than any other state. Officials with EV Charger Reviews can't say there isn't "a single US state unsuitable for owning an EV. In certain places, owning an electric vehicle (EV) makes more sense than in others, and it all comes down to different factors."

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They say the research team of EV Charger Reviews has been able to identify factors that make a state EV friendly.
The factors are the number of registered electric vehicles, electricity cost, number of electric vehicles per charging port, tax credits, annual savings, the ratio of a square mile per 1 charging port and electric vehicles per service center.

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