If you're a tattoo artist you should really be using Instagram as a free way to promote yourself. CNBC reports that tattoo parlors got as many as 70 percent of their new clients from Instagram ads or referrals, and for some places that number climbed as high as 90 percent.

More than a third of people ages 25 to 29 have tattoos, and many post about them on Instagram, which drives others to find the artists. It also influences people to get tattoos themselves.

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This in turn feeds another industry that's growing nearly as fast: tattoo removal.

The tattoo removal market is on the heavy upswing, with dramatic increases reported over the 110,000 procedures performed by dermatologic surgeons in 2017.

And the 110,000 figure is a number that had soared by 52% since 2013.

The average cost runs about $1,400, over seven sessions. The cost of getting a tattoo varies wildly over many different determining factors.

Laser equipment technology is improving, and the cost will no doubt come down as new and better machines enter the market. Average start-up costs are higher than a tattoo parlor — about $50,000-$175,000.

Tattoo removal is most often performed by medical spas and dermatologists and other MDs.


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