Brittany Aldean's top followers on Instagram are letting her know how they feel about pictures of her and husband Jason Aldean in swimwear.

The couple took a weekend vacation in the Bahamas, and the new mama shared plenty of photos with friends and fans, including a half dozen or so of her in a bikini. The top comments praised how good she looks less than three months after giving birth to baby Memphis. Others begged to know where she got her swimsuit, and some gave a virtual fist bump to her for taking a weekend for herself after nearly a year spent pregnant and learning how to be a new mother.

"You two look amazing!! And relaxed!! Good for you for taking care of yourselves so you can be the best parents," one person said under a photo of the Aldeans having a conversation along the coast.

"Wait. You literally just had a freaking baby. Wow wow wow!" another user wrote under a photo of Brit and Jenna Perdue, wife of Dee Jay Silver and also the mother of a baby boy:

Not every comment is positive, but Mrs. Aldean made sure to tell haters to stand down in a separate post at the start of her vacation. The Aldeans headed home on Monday (March 5) after their weekend getaway. It's fair to guess Brittany missed her little man — she flew with a photograph of baby Memphis on the way to her tropical paradise.

Aldean has a show scheduled at the Houston Rodeo on Tuesday night (March 6), then a little break before he gets into his full spring and summer tour. He'll also release his next studio album soon. Rearview Town is set to drop on April 13, featuring his single "You Make It Easy."

More pictures from Brittany and Jason's vacation here:

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