One time my friend and his kid were visiting Peru and hiking Machu Pichu. They were so tired they weren't even talking. But suddenly it became very quiet. There was no wind, no birds, nothing. They thought there was something wrong with their ears. Then the cloud cover parted.

They both saw it, yet neither talked about it with the other until six months later.

When the cloud cover parted there was a spaceship plain as day. Then boom, in an instant the cloud cover reappeared. It was as if the ship was projecting the image of cloud cover to conceal themselves, then something went wrong and my friends could see it, then the cover was projected again.

To this day they don't like to talk about it and had a hard time telling me about it. It was like they saw something they weren't supposed to see and out of respect for that they were loathe to mention it -- even to each other -- until one brought it up and they talked about it to confirm they saw the same thing.

But that's not even my weirdest UFO story.

My own father told me he had been under gag order from the Air Force for 20 years. While in an airplane his entire crew saw multiple UFOs going way faster than any human invention. They had radio contact, so they reported what they saw. Once they landed there were people in suits waiting for them. They gathered them into a room and made them sign a 20-year gag order threatening terrible consequences for breaking it.

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