A Kennewick resident, a man who has a conceal and carry permit, mistakenly left this gun on top of a toilet roll dispenser in a public bathroom.

KPD Facebook 8-5-17
KPD Facebook 8-5-17

The gun owner realized what had happened mere moments later, but it was gone from the stall when he rushed back to get it. Law enforcement laments that this is not an uncommon occurrence!

I've read countless police reports of guns being stolen from unlocked vehicles parked on the street and every time more befuddlement sets in than before.

Luckily the police, in this instance, were able to recover the gun.

They are contemplating charges against the adult who allegedly absconded with the firearm and made no attempt to notify anyone about it. The gun was recovered by the cops at the man's residence hidden in his vehicle.

It is unclear what, if any, repercussions will come to the owner of the gun to hold him accountable and deter future negligence.

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