There's so much more to Wenatchee than just the Apple Blossom Festival.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

Wenatchee is quickly gaining a national reputation as a retirement mecca, as the leading business publication in America, Forbes Magazine, with 6.7 million readers, is ranking Wenatchee as one of "25 Best Places to Retire in 2017."

Touting the relatively low median home price ($225,000), the scenery, the dry side of the Cascades and lots of good doctors per capita, Wenatchee ranks high on a national list of the best cities for successful aging.

Wenatchee bucks the trend as most of the top 25 are in warmer climates. What Wenatchee has going for it is what Forbes calls "retirement value". Forbes used its evaluation criteria on 550 communities in all 50 states and Wenatchee made the top 25!

Housing costs and taxes obviously play a huge role, but so do factors that are less tangible like air quality, exercise options and opportunities for volunteering. Health care access, ease of transportation, fairly low unemployment and community engagement are also listed as factors that carry a lot of weight in the rankings.

Wenatchee, Forbes says, is "an appealing outdoor environment."

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