The statistics are staggering distracted driving now causes roughly 30% of all fatal accidents in the state of Washington... 30% that is a very high number in my opinion. Law Enforcement across the state are doing something about it....

Michael O'Keene

Distracted Driving High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) patrols will begin across the state starting March 28 and run through April 14.

Distracted Driving Increases Crash Risk

• In Washington, 30% of crash fatalities are due to distracted driving.
• Fatalities from distracted driving are increasing. There was a 29% increase in traffic fatalities related to distracted driving from 2013 to 2017.
• Talking on a cell phone increases the risk of crashing by three times. Entering text into a cell phone can increase crash risk by up to 23 times.
• Cell phone use causes what experts refer to as “inattention blindness.” The brain cannot perform two tasks at once, and is unable to pay attention to both cell phone use and the driving environment.
• It takes a driver nearly 30 seconds to refocus on the road after using a cell phone – in which time, a car moving at 25 mph can travel the length of three football fields, or 300 yards.


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