You may remember this story from earlier this week a Kennewick man came home a found a Wild Coyote pup inside his home on Monday...

Cody Proctor
Cody Proctor

Apparently the coyote pup got in his home through a pet door so the question what to do?? So the homeowner Jake McChesney made several calls including the humane society to the fish and wildlife department and finally to Kennewick police who advised him to call a professional trapper.

The trapper capture the animal  and told McChesney the animal would be released to the wild where howling would reunite the the pup with its mother...I kinda thought that sounded fishy and I was right... the trapper actually "euthanized" the pup and now the Trapper is being investigated by the Fish and Wildlife department.

According to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department:

"Unfortunately in some of these situations if we released it, it’s going to die a long and less humane death,”

Here a report on this topic from KEPR News


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