I don't know about you, but I love cowboy/girl boots! When I was little I had a black pair that I wore everyday of my life until my mother threw them out. I'd wear them with dresses, my pajamas... whatever. My love for horses started as soon as I was born so I was wearing cowboy boots early on. It was cowboy boots or barefoot for me.

Now days it's easy to buy fashionable boots online for a good price, but I've found that each pair of boots are so uniquely different. Even if they are the same style and boot! So it's imperative to try them on! I've never once bought a pair of boots online for that reason.

And of course you'll need a different boot for different things. A riding boot, may look totally different than the stylish boot that you want, but it will feel far better when your in the saddle. And of course if you want a good boot to dance in, make sure you get the smooth sole on the bottom and a comfortable heel.

Seems like they are pretty spendy but they really do last forever if you take care of them! And, you can always have a heel replaced or your favorite worn in boot re-soled if needed.

The last two I purchased from Ranch and Home. They've got a great selection of just about every boot imaginable!

Ok,.there's my two cents on boots! I wore mine today...which got me thinking.