Here are the latest statistics from the Benton Franklin Health District.

In the last 24 hours, since the Wednesday July 22, 2020 release, in Benton County, 34 additional positive cases were reported out of a total of 227 daily tests. That brings the Benton County totals to 3,017 positive cases out of 17,896 tests.

One death was reassigned from Benton County to Franklin County.

In Franklin County, there were 24 additional cases out of 212 tests, for a total of 2,906 positive cases out of 11,163 tests.

The Franklin County death was a man in his 70's with underlying health conditions.


Sixteen Stone 97 Rock Red Mask

Other coronavirus stories of note:

Police in California were able to collect a DNA sample from a discarded face mask, which they used to link a 28-year old man to a child molestation case from two years ago.

Lots of people have been using all of their extra time at home to help solve mysteries. There's a website that crowdsources big problems that need solving, and tons of people have been jumping in to help. Projects that are ahead of schedule because of the quarantine include things like using satellite images to map rural houses in Africa for electricity, hunting for signs of slavery in Asia, tracking invasive ocean species and identifying earthquake activity.

And finally, some single people have started including their coronavirus antibody test results in their online dating profiles to help them improve their chances. I got my test results back and I can't wait to post!