You know those videos you see all the time of a road rager that actually ends up being the one that wrecks? In fact, here's my all-time favorite:

Well, I would imagine that just about the same thing happened on I-90 yesterday evening. Apparently, a boozy Tesla driver got mad about something and tried to run a truck off the road, but he's the one that ended up crashed.

Am I a bad person if I think this is hilarious? Of course not, because you do too! I mean, how many times has someone done you wrong in traffic, because they made a mistake, and you shook your head and let it go. That's what you're supposed to do. Mistakes happen. But if you make a mistake in traffic and set someone into road rage, that can actually be pretty scary. But sometimes the problem fixes itself when the road-rager, so hell-bent on flipping you off or making you angry that they forgot to pay attention to the road, actually is one that wrecks...yes, that's hilarious (as long as no one is seriously injured).



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