CodeRED is an "opt-in" electronic telephone notification system allowing residents in both Benton and Franklin Counties to be personally notified through a call, text or email in the unlikely event of an emergency.

In addition to natural hazards such as wildfires, floods, wind and snow storms, BCFM (Benton County Emergency Management) and FCEM (Franklin County Emergency Management) plan and prepare for emergencies at the Hanford site and the Columbia Generating Station and other hazardous-material type incidents.

Benton and Franklin County Emergency Management will be testing the CodeRED Electronic Telephone Notification System at 10:00 a.m. this Tuesday, June 25, for all of Benton and Franklin Counties.

Benton County Emergency Services
Benton County Emergency Services

It's free to enroll in the system, just follow the Benton and/or Franklin County links provided. If you have questions about the test, you can contact your county’s emergency management office.

In Benton County, call (509) 628-2600; in Franklin County, call (509) 545-3546.

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