I hesitate to post this and thereby add to the mixed messaging, but hey, we are committed to keeping YOU in the loop so here we go.
Backdrop - The Virus isn't contagious or serious, No wait...it's bad.  Millions will die...but... maybe not.  Masks, who needs a mask...hold on, we ALL need masks. Some medicine will help- er, no, no they won't, they'll kill you...except they don't  Whew!
You know the drill.  The uncertainty, sold as fact, then only to be altered later, is undermining confidence in our health systems and officials.
So what is this latest thing we now know that we thought we knew before but didn't?

Answer - Loneliness.

We have all heard about and reported on the problems of loneliness during the Coronavirus pandemic..


According to a report in the Daily Mail, Florida State University researchers surveyed 2,000 Americans before and after the Coronavirus pandemic began, and found that people actually reported feeling more supported by others during the pandemic than before it.

Older adults had a slight increase in feelings of loneliness in mid-March, but it leveled off after stay-at-home orders were given. Those who lived alone, or had one pre-existing condition, had more feelings of loneliness at the beginning of the pandemic, but it did not increase when social distancing guidelines were introduced.

Senior study author Dr. Angelina Sutin explains, “Just knowing that you are not alone and that everyone is going through the same restrictions and difficulties may be enough in the short term to keep feelings of loneliness down.”

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