Halloween is coming quickly and I've recently become aware of a special project that will result in all kids enjoying Halloween safely.

I was unaware that kids with food allergies are usually shut out of treats due to peanuts, nuts and sugars involved with the making most Halloween candy.

The good news is there is a way to help parents and kids identify which homes have safe options for kids with food allergies, and you can help spearhead this wonderful cause this year.

It's called the Teal Pumpkin Project and it will help some kids have an allergy free Halloween this year.

The Teal Pumpkin Project is in it's fifth year right here in the Tri-Cities area and you can participate.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Here is how to get involved:

  1. Provide non-food treats for trick-or-treaters.
  2. Place a teal pumpkin in front of your home to indicate to passersby that you have non-food treats available.
  3. Display a free printable sign or premium poster from FARE to explain the meaning of your teal pumpkin.
  4. Make a donation to support the Teal Pumpkin Project and receive a free gift.

You can also sign your household up for the Teal Pumpkin Project so folks know where to go this Halloween season at Teal Pumpkin Sign Up




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