Avengers: Infinity War is opening this weekend. Odds are, it's going to be the biggest movie of the year (or at least top 3). Yes, a LOT of us are super stoked to finally see it! However, there are some dos and do nots of going to see a film this major. Just friendly suggestions to make sure everyone has a good time!

1. Don't Talk! Sure it's cool to laugh or make the occasional comment, but keep it chill. The psycho-fans are here for the movie, not your quips.

2. Don't Take a Newbie- This goes along with the talking. You'll probably have to explain a LOT to someone who's new or not a big Marvel fan. Let them see it later.

3. Don't SPOIL!- Really, this should have been #1, but it should go without saying. If you see it Thursday don't kill it for the rest of the people seeing it on later days in the weekend. Really, don't spoil for a month (or at least two weeks). This one should be big!

4. Don't Mock Cosplayers- When you go to movies with big fandoms like Marvel films, there will likely be people dressed up in everything from a t-shirt to full on costumes. Please don't mock them, and ask before taking photos with them. Most cosplayers are down for photos, just don't be rude.

5. DO Have a Blast!- Okay, this isn't a don't but it must be added to the list. These films are meant to be fun, so have a great time, and take people who will have fun too! See you there!!

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