4th of July is right around the corner and your pets can really freak out because of all the  noise and flash. Let's see if we can get you a few tips to help your pets get thru the 4th of July without wrecking your house.

First Of all dogs & cats don't like loud noises. Their hearing is very sensitive. Shield them from the noise as best you can by putting the animal in an interior room with a TV or  radio on. You can also use a product that soothes the animal which is not a heavy narcotic. Once such product which can be used for dogs or cats is called Composure. Finally identification is the last resort for you to get your pet back if it takes off. Having your animal micro-chipped is the best way to get your animal back should it take it off. So spoil your dog and your cat and take good care of them this 4th of July. Read more here