I was at the KORD booth at the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo on Wednesday handing out free stuff and letting people enter to win a giant pink pig Traeger grill, when I met someone new. A mom and her son came up to me and she said, "I'd like to introduce someone to you. Son, tell him your name." The boy looked a little sheepish, and then mumbled...

"My name is KORD."

"Spelled with a K?" I asked?

"Yes, I wanted to name him Cord, and I'm a KORD listener, so I named him with a K," the mom explained!

And what a handsome devil KORD Tuttle is!

I started joking with him that we should give him all the free stuff we can since it's got HIS name on it. I even jokingly offered our neon sign.

"I kind of want the truck," he said.

Smart boy. Very smart boy.