I know, here we go again with the Grand Kids, but it's not all mine this time. I found a site where other grand parents leave funny stories, grandparents.com. So it's not all about me. I was  playing catch with Conner, as he is in practice for the big leagues all ready. As we were throwing the tennis ball, he was practicing his pitching. The first pitch was his secret weapon, 'Grounder' pitch as it rolled to me and stopped at my feet, batters will never see this one coming. His second pitch sailed over my head out of reach, I was informed that was his fastball, moving so fast I couldn't catch it. Note to Conner: I couldn't have caught that with a ten foot ladder. The last pitch was his most impressive, the curve ball. The ball went straight into the air and landed about 10 feet in front of him. I said" What was that", he said "My curve ball", I said "That wasn't a curve ball",  He said" It went straight in the air and curved, and fell down" Point made point taken. Remember, our grand kids are the cutest in the world.