Some people drink bizarre things in the name of good health, or maybe they're so drunk their friends dare them to drink something disgusting. In Japan they have some drinks they sell to the public that would make an American billy goatpuke. I use to drink pickle juice just because I liked the taste of it, of course that's when I was 10, not so much anymore. When we go camping, first thing in the morning we have redneck mimosa's, that's beer and orange juice. One time on a bus heading for Seattle for a Mariners game, some guy's were mixing Jack Daniels with ruby red mt.dew, they called it a Jack Ruby because they said it was a real killer. How about massage oil and a can of Coke, you could call it a 'Rub and Coke', I got a million of em'. How about a shot of Tanqueray mixed with a tall glass of Jose Cuervo, call it a 'Gin and bare it all'. Gazinga!  Have a good day, I'll be here all week.