I've had some really bad Valentine's Days in my life. I had one REALLY good one, too: I was baptized on Valentine's Day! I'm curious about your worst Valentine's Day stories:

Here are a couple gems from an online survey on Reddit.com:

  • In 5th grade somebody threw a handful of cinnamon hearts into a toilet. Awhile later a girl comes flying back into class in hysterics saying she got her period.
  • 7th grade. A week before Valentine's a girl said that I was her Valentine. I got so excited and happy that I told everyone. I even told my parents. Then my mom helped me out and bought some Victoria's Secret lotion, a Valentine's card, and a big teddy bear. Valentine's Day comes around and I run up to her like a happy puppy and say "Here <girl's name> I got this for you!" She then blushed and said "Awww! I was just kidding but thank you. This was sweet."
  • I'm 0-32 when it comes to V-day. 32 years without a Valentine. Anyone beat my record?
  • Last year I was 5 months pregnant and my baby's dad (we were together at the time but not anymore) managed to "forget" valentines day. He didn't even call to say hi. Fast forward to this year. I'm a single mom and my son has been sick for a week. Vomiting, diarrhea, you name it. My son's dad calls and in the conversation he tells me that he has an entire special evening planned for his new girlfriend, who he has been with for 6 weeks.
  • Well, it isn't that cringeworthy but when I was in high school, our Sadie-Hawkins dance landed on Valentines Day. This would be awesome, but I was single and the guy I asked got a girlfriend right before the dance so he dumped me as a date. I didn't take it personally; I went with a female friend of mine who's date had done the same thing. I show up to the dance, and my date is super high. I was too polite to ask on what, and just kinda rolled with it and babysat her. It was all fine (occasionally dissuading her from going up to people with ridiculous statements to make) until she started making out with me on the dance floor mid-dance. I went with it, she's cute and we were both single... It caused a bit of a ruckus but we didn't go to a super conservative school so no formal reprimanding. I did get asked if I was dating her by the guy I liked in one of my classes the next week, who I guess had seen me or heard about it. He thought I was a lesbian for the rest of the semester and I was too chicken to let him know I liked him instead. Sigh.
  • It was my birthday then and everyone in my family forgot, even my friends. It was basically very crappy and felt like I wasn't important at all. It was also awkward how I needed to remind them and they'd have this look of horror in their faces and I was like, "Nah, it's fine." But deep down it wasn't.
  • At Age 17 I was scheduled to cook a marvelous(for a 17 year old guy) dinner for my my German exchange student girlfriend and lose my v-card. Her host parents were out of town, and we had the house to ourselves. We would have, at least, if I wasn't bedridden with the damn flu. I couldn't even breathe well enough to give her a meaningful kiss, and had to drag myself to the toilet numerous times. Fever, dehydration, endless coughing, sneezing, barfing, and crapping. Worst Valentine's Day Ever.
  • Didn't get my boyfriend a card until the afternoon, he said he was okay with it. Then he decided he wasn't okay with it and I didn't care about him. Loud argument in a restaurant. Argument continued at home. We ended up discussing the obese girl he cheated on me with. By the end of the night, we were both in tears, had probably scared the shit out of our roommates, and he had punched a hole in the door.
  • After being with my boyfriend for a couple of years, we had a Valentine’s Day a few months into moving into our first place together. For the first time didn’t get anything for me or even mention it was Valentine’s Day, and as a result, I felt embarrassed and kept my present stowed away. We spent the evening like we spent every other night, watching "The Daily Show" in a somber silence. That was my worst Valentine’s Day because I realized it was over.
  • My wife and I have never really been that into the whole romantic part of Valentine's day, but we're both big sports fans so we usually go to a pub, eat some wings, drink some beer and watch the hockey. A couple years ago, there was this drunk hurling abuse around the bar, we were sitting down minding our own business and he staggered over and started at me, standard barroom stuff. I ignored him and talked to the barman, told him if he didn't deal with this we were leaving and not paying. He tells me that the guy's just a little drunk and that I was an adult and I could ignore it and if I don't pay, he calling the cops. I walk back to the table, make a show of leaving money on the table and we walk out. We are having a smoke outside the pub a couple doors along, and the drunk from the last bar staggers down the street, just as vocal but noticeably more aggressive. He shoves me two or three times, and while I'm not doing anything, my wife tell him to piss off and he pushes her and punch him as hard as I can and drop him. This is the bad part, the "manager" must have noticed that I only left $10 on a $60 bill and had called the cops then probably told the drunk that I was trying to get him kicked out, so he took exception. The cops were rolling down the street just as I clock him and from their perspective, it looked like he was facing someone else and I cheap-shotted him (Which I kind of did, really, but he did deserve it). The cops grab me and throw me in the car, my wife tells them everything that happened but they say they talked to the barman at the last place and he said I dine-and-dashed, he hadn't said anything about an abusive drunk. Long story short, I spend two hours handcuffed in the back of a cop car, watching my wife get questioned by police who clearly didn't believe her story and they couldn't find anyone to back our story up.