Welcome to World UFO Day, a day chosen because it's the date of the Roswell New Mexico incident. July 2nd 1947, a spacecraft crashed on Mac Brazel's Ranch, and the metal was so strange he called the military, bad idea. The Military removed everything from the crash site, and then said it was a weather balloon. Let's do the math. 20 to 30 military vehicles, a slew of army soldiers not letting anybody even close to the crash site, then disappearing as fast as they showed up all for a weather balloon. Government can insult our intelligence, because there's nothing we can do about it. If anyone has a photo or a story about something strange you saw in the sky, send them to me and I will share your story with the rest of our listeners. Send them to: chuckhall@townsquaremedia.com Don't be shy, I believe you.


Photo's taken June 22nd, Townsquare Studios