We were talking about Ashton Kutcher's advice to young people to never be too good for a job. One of the best jobs I ever had was working at Costco. People generally look down on retail jobs and the folks who work them, but I'll have you know that job was full of dignity.

First, I learned work ethic.

They make their employees work really hard. You didn't walk anywhere -- you sped walk. You were always expected to be on your game with a smile on your face. Nothing less than busting a** was good enough.

Second, they respect their employees.

If you met expectations, you were rewarded for it. The wages were good and bonuses were large and frequent. They expected more out of you and they made it up to you.

Third, they believed in employee satisfaction.

Everyone from the general manager to the CEO taught that they wanted people to work for them for decades, not years or months. If you weren't motivated to stay at least 10 years they were doing something wrong. I learned so much about management from my bosses.

So why did I leave? Because working in radio is a dream come true.

But I now know you never look down on any job or the people in them unless you've been there.