According to, there are many office pet peeves that will drive a guy a little batty. People who talk too much, don't mind their own business, people who chew gum loud, etc. I am no exception. I'm sure there are things that I do that make co-workers a little crazy, but like any good office relationship there is give and take. Here is where I stop giving.

I have some supplies in a cupboard: soup, some plastic bowls and a spoon, seasoning salt and some napkins. I really don't like the fact that someone uses my things with out asking, but when they use my things and then leave them in the sink, now that pisses me off. Wash them and put them back, better yet, bring your own stuff ya jack wagon! It also burns my hide when I open the fridge to get my soda or some juice I left in there, and it's gone. Yes, it's only a pop, but stealing is stealing. I can take the gossip, back stabbing, and the Mr. Know It All's, but please leave my stuff alone.

What office pet peeve gets under your skin?