Most companies give paid vacations and sick leave, and some step it up with extra perks to keep you a happy employee. Read on my friend, and find out what we are missing out on as far as perks go with some bigger companies.

Perks are an up side to a lot of jobs, in fact in a survey, some people accepted jobs because of the extra stuff that came with the job. A company in California allows their employees to work from home, and even sends in a cleaning crew twice a month to tidy up the place. Netflix workers have an unlimited vacation policy, and a Texas fuel producer gives employees access to the company jet. We have a company hang glider. According to a recent article, big corporations are using outrageous perks to lure, and keep employees, sign me up.

If you hook up with the right company, you could receive free gym memberships, bicycles, catered meals, cars, and parties. One company has arcade games to help blow off some of the stress. I really can't complain about my job, I sit all day and talk. We get some great perks as well, just last week we all got a case of out-dated salad dressing (thousand island) and some cool t-shirts from a charity clam bake in Utah back in 1988. It's the thought that counts.

Life's to short to worry about what your not getting. What kind of perks do you get at your work place?