I just got new Michelin LTX M/S2 tires on my truck and WOW! The folks at Tire Factory in Pasco were exactly right on how they would perform in slick conditions. I did a lot of research on the design of this tire.  When you see the tracks in just a little snow or slush, you can see how they spread and grip where they meet the road. While most were slippin' and slindin' in the sleet we just had, I was amazed at the confidence I had with these instead of driving all "white knuckled!" And if you've ever felt like your tires are fighting you when you take a round-a-bout, you will notice how they feel like butter on turns and curves.  These make such a huge difference, they had to go on "Woody's Favorite Things."  In addition, they roll so nicely that they improve your gas mileage and last about 20k miles longer than other tires for your truck or SUV!  Stop by the Tire Factory and get yours...they're honest folks and will give you the best deal on any tire. That's one thing I really like about them, no tricks, no extra charges.