I have always been a fan of the underdog, you know the little guy who comes through a bad situation and triumphs. Some famous underdogs include, Rocky, Seabiscuit, the crew of Apollo 13, and my cousin Cleatus. After he was born the doctor came out to the waiting and told my Uncle Les that he was sorry, they did everything they could, but he still pulled through. Just kidding Curt. So with that said, when I was in vegas I put down 25 dollars, and picked 5 longshots to win the Daytona 500. At 5 dollars a driver, I may need a small miracle to cash in a ticket. The starting grid is set for Sunday's race, and though my drivers all made it, there are 38 other drivers who's mission it is to finish first. My 5 drivers are, Juan Pablo Montoya is a 35/1 favorite, starting in the 35th posistion. Not a bad driver, but gets a little rattled when things don't go his way, I could be in trouble here. Starting 25th is David Ragan, his odds are 60/1, he may need a push to the finish line. Driver 3 is an 85/1 longshot, Dave Blaney starting 24th on the grid. Open wheeler driver, made the transfer to stock cars some years ago, could be around at the end if allot of good drivers crash. My best startin car is driven by Joey Lagano, he is 50/1 but starts in the 12th posistion. Go Home Depot number 20! Finally my ace in the hole, this is the one that's going to break Vegas. Yes, starting in the 32nd posistion, going off at 125/1, my hope for buying a new tv for the bedroom......Bobby Labonte. The one thing about the whole racing mess, anything can happen. I'll be tuned in on Sunday, good luck to your driver, better luck to mine.