When you suffer from lack of sleep, like 43-63 percent of Americans, to different degrees, we all hear 'it's your mattress...' etc etc..but technology?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, and the Havard University School of Medicine, it's due to technology.  Studies by the NSF and Havard show  artificial light generated by tv, computers, cell phones and video games supresses the body's natural manufacturing of melatonin, the chemical or hormone that causes tiredness and sleep.  Ever wonder why babies and little children can fall asleep almost standing up?  Massive production of the chemical, essential for recovery from growth and development.  Tv always presented an issue, but with the technology revolution many more Americans think they are relaxing digitally before bed--when in reality could be suppressing sleep.  Harvard and the NSF suggest turning off the technology 1/2 hour to an hour before bed, and see what happens.