I woke up with my cup of coffee this morning and checked my Facebook and there it was an update from my daughter Sgt Brianna Carter taunting dear old dad with pancakes!

And I thought to myself how thoughtful people are to send these soldiers just a little slice of home while they are away from their families thousands of miles away and these soldiers are enjoying something so simple! Pancakes!

To see the joy on their faces while they cook  up these discs of deliciousness is so precious. As it turns out this is suicide prevention month and to have these soldiers all getting together for a little breakfast and putting on a 5K fun run in the middle of Afghanistan is a sight to behold. So cool!

For all of us sitting here in the comfort of our homes while these soldiers risk their lives in the name of freedom we should remember not to take what they do for granted.

Lets get up out of our chairs put together a care package and send it off to these soldiers. Right now the biggest things that they are needing are items for female soldiers like make-up and personal items. They also have a puppy rescue mission going on there as well so they can even use care packages filled with dog treats & toys!

My daughter can accept your packages and she will make sure that they get distributed to the soldiers. She is out in the field every week to remote bases and when she can bring a few care packages from home it helps boost the moral of our soldiers and makes their time being deployed go that much faster.

If you wish to send a care package here is Sgt Brianna Carter's mailing address




APO, AE 09383

To see more of the soldiers 5K Suicide Prevention 5K fun run in Afghanistan check out their Facebook Page!