My least favorite part of being an adult? Financial responsibilities. Paying bills just sucks. Really, I have to pay $200 for electricity? Also, getting old -- only cause it hurts. Literally. It physically hurts. It's stressful to take care of other people. Daddy hasn't had a new pair of pants in a while. Kids have them, but I don't. Losing hair sucks. Woody says responsibility. "So that's why I stopped," he added! LOL. Here's what a survey said:

  • No one wants to go out and play anymore. Your friends aren't just out hanging around the neighborhood waiting for you to come ride bikes. Social events are begrudgingly scheduled way in advance.
  • I used to be able to sleep anywhere. Now I need my special bed with my special mattress and my special pillows.
  • I could pizza every day. Now I get heart burn for hours.
  • If I hurt myself, it takes 4x longer to heal or recover.
  • Hangovers keep getting worse.
  • Repetition
  • Cutting sugar out of my diet.
  • Life becomes like a bad movie where you can predict all the lines and plot twists.
  • Forgetting to buy your own toilet paper.
  • "That feeling that you spent your whole life tapping the world on the shoulder and when it finally turned around you forgot what you had to say."
  • When you fail no one is coming to bail you out. The world is content to let you die in a gutter.
  • When you're a kid you want to have sex, go places, get money and punch you're mean boss. When you're an adult, you're too tired for sex, you're tired of driving around town, you're tired of all the crap you have to buy and you're the mean boss.