I think every woman has burned her ear with a curling iron. In high school, I knew a kid who tried to blow fire by putting cigarette fluid in his mouth and spitting at a match. He had a patch on his cheek for a month! Often when we burn ourselves we'd rather not talk about it because we might as well have burned a big "L" in our forehead: LOSER!

There's a 64-year-old woman in a New Jersey hospital who feels that way right now. She lit a cigarette right after spraying her hair with Aquanet and turned her head into a torch! The poor lady was airlifted to a burn center with severe injuries on her head and neck. That's also more proof cigarettes will kill you!

Right after we read this on the radio a listener called in with the following story:

A Richland woman spilled gas on her arm filling up at the pump. She drove away, lit a cigarette and caught her arm on fire! Luckily, a police officer spotted her and came to the rescue. After extinguishing her clothes, the officer wrote her a ticket!!! What for? Carrying an illegal firearm. ZING!

Tell us the most embarrassing way you've burned yourself: